Fashion and Feminism


Most garments are cut and sewn by female factory workers in the developing world, where working conditions are poor and labour rates are low. Fast Fashion is a dilemma for feminists when you consider the people at the very start of the supply chain.

The Rana Plaza disaster of 2013 saw the death and injury of thousands of women working in clothing factories producing garments for the Western market.

Retailers came under scrutiny for the disaster which was considered preventable had it not been for the dire working conditions of the employees whose pay was considerably lower than a living wage.

It has raised issues concerning modern day slavery and gender inequality and for many women in the industry it contravenes their human rights.

Fast Fashion exploits the garment workers who made your clothes and many more women across the world, yet the industry still thrives.

Can you be a fashion lover and a feminist at the same time?

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