Mindless Mag is a storytelling space for FASHION + Stuff That Matters.

Each month we partner with local and global charities and organisations to explore a Fashion + theme, exploring the relationship between fashion and important social issues such as mental health, veganism, consumerism and climate change.

Our mission is to cultivate a more conscious approach to fashion through the art of digital storytelling.

Our Story

Mindless Mag was founded by Laurie Stewart in January 2019.

Prior to Mindless, Laurie spent over ten years gaining international experience working in supply chain operations and digital transformation at some of the world’s leading Fashion & Retail businesses. She knows the fashion industry inside out and saw first-hand how much it’s polluting our planet and our minds.

When all of the pillars that were holding up her life came crumbling down, almost all at once, Laurie decided to press pause on life. She spent a few months volunteering at a meditation centre in Menorca before taking a one-way flight to Chiang Mai in northern Thailand. There, she headed up a Fair Trade lifestyle brand, backpacked her way through Myanmar and completed a 10 day silent retreat before heading to Koh Samui to work as a freelance writer.

It was an adventure and one she wrote down on her personal blog All My Heroes Are Weirdos. All My Heroes was always so much more than a blog to her. It was a promise to wake up every morning with happiness as her ambition and to keep ‘doing good stuff to be a better me’.

Writing became her brain drain, her therapy and through storytelling Laurie began to understand the inner workings of her own mind. Energy became a currency and she began taking care as to what she spent it on. Time became her most precious commodity and she began taking care who she spent it with. Her heart opened up, her head filled with ideas and her lifestyle changed overnight. She became a lot less mindless.

It was a total conscious awakening that has changed her life forever and one that she wants to share with others through the things she knows and loves most – through Fashion + Stuff That Matters.