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    Paloma in Disguise: The Thrifter You NEED to know About

    Hannah Elliman is the charity shopper behind Paloma in Disguise. A micro-influencer who has been blogging since 2012 in the world of charity shopping, she also shows DIY’s using thrifted items to adapt them to your style. A regular in charity shops, she posts new outfits/pieces found in local shops and encourages followers to go into their local shops and see what they can find. A Fresh Approach With larger influencers shouting about fast fashion brands (Boohoo, Pretty Little Thing etc) Hannah brings a fresher approach to influencing, proving that you can be “on-trend” and have new looks by just checking in your local charity and thrift shops. Showing her…

  • the role of the fashion influencer
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    The Role of the Fashion Influencer

    Day in and day out, influencers are getting new fashion items delivered to them free. They’re promoting a particular brand or a piece of clothing from a new collection and sharing unboxing videos on their Instagram. It’s the influencer’s job to post daily photos and Instagram stories. They need to keep their feed “fresh” with new outfits and inspiration to keep their following interested and interactive. With this in mind, should we expect influencers to take more accountability in promoting sustainable fashion or recycled fashion? Changing the Rules Many brands have created a sustainable/environmentally friendly clothing range, for example ASOS’ “Responsible Edit” which includes environmentally conscious clothing. So why are…