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    Hanne Gaby Odiele

    Hanne is a Belgian model and activist who fights for the voice of intersex people to be heard. Hanne was born intersex and has made it a mission to raise awareness and promote intersex rights. When Hanne was born, they were minus the ovaries or a uterus. On the opposite spectrum, Hanne’s body rejected testosterone. Intersex in its simplest form can be observed as a merge of female and male traits. This may be compared to overlapping characteristics between genders that do not fit the “norm” in a general understanding. Throughout research, intersex qualities can be recognised in just short of 2% of the population worldwide. Breaking the Mould From…

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    George Hodgson: Maison De Choup

    George Hodgson is the founder of Maison De Choup, a fashion brand with a strong message that mental health matters. The brand works alongside university students to encourage people to be vocal about their own mental health experiences. The brand is artistic through expression. For instance the “Warrior not Worrier” collection promotes a clear ethos in facing mental health struggles and focuses on a positive alternative to negative thoughts. Ethics and sustainability are ingrained into the business model. Maison De Choup dismisses over-production and provides quality tested, ethically sourced apparel. The brand also donates 25% of its profits from certain collections to a charity called Young Minds. Young Minds believes…

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    Sustainable fashion is not just a hashtag

    We are exposed to around 4,000 marketing messages daily both on and offline. We see sales, discount codes, swipe up features and influencer look-books with descriptions that include “must have to complete your wardrobe or impress on that special occasion”. Psychologically, this fills us with guilt and disappointment about what’s currently in our wardrobes. It makes us feel that getting our hands-on new garments would satisfy this problem. A sense of urgency is created and we purchase things without thinking about whether or not we truly need or want them. The Power of Influencer Marketing According to a Mintel report, 45% of respondents aged 16+ have purchased an item due…