• Shudu Gram the world's first digital supermodel
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    Shudu Gram, The World’s First Digital Model

    Sorry to the Hadid’s and Jenner’s of the world but the modeling world is quickly changing and it’s of the digital kind. Shudu Gram has been named the world’s first “Digital Supermodel.” Now, when you think of a Digital Supermodel, I’m sure, instantly, your mind wanders off to the movie “Smart House”… or maybe that’s just my head? Shudu is the creation of British fashion photographer, Cameron James-Wilson. He had inspirations of modeling Shudu after Lupita, Duckie Thot, and Nykhor, thus earning her the nickname “South African Princess.” A Digital Influencer Shudu is represented by the world’s first digital agency called “Diigitals” and has gained over 195,000 followers on Instagram…

  • leandra medine cohen
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    Leandra Medine Cohen, Everyone’s Favorite Fashion Blogger

    Bloggers and influencers have played a vital role in establishing credibility within their particular industry and impacting the lives of their “followers.” In the digital era, fashion today is shaped differently because of them. One such is fashion blogger Leandra Medine Cohen, who promotes self-love and positive mental health. I’m not sure if it’s her “I don’t care attitude” that makes me love her. Perhaps it’s her unnecessarily (except very necessary) stylish twin daughters that makes me adore her and want to ask her to adopt me? Not sure! But, if anyone tells you they don’t love her…they’re absolutely being untruthful and are not people you should trust! So who…

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    Dear Fashion Influencers, I’m a Slave 4U

    From Britney Spears to Chiara Ferragni, celebrities and and fashion influencers have a powerful impact on our society and what we wear. How have they had an influence over you? Andrea Vazquez shares her story… In a Destiny’s Child haze I spent an unnecessary amount of time kissing my magazine posters of all my favorite boy bands (seriously, what else is there to do when you’re a little kid in the early 2000’s?). The American Music Awards were starting and I, much like any other kid, believed it was pretty much life-or-death if I did not get to see my favorite celebrities red carpet looks. I would scurry to my…