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    Full Name: Miquela Sous Age: 19 years old Location: Los-Angeles, United States Career: Brazilian-American model and musical artist Lil Miquela – Who is She? I remember first reading an article about Lil Miquela and thinking what a unique idea. I then visited her Instagram profile – not quite believing what I had just read. She looked so real. As a test, I messaged my contacts asking what they thought, not yet letting on that she was indeed a CGI creation. I was pleased it wasn’t just me when at least half replied saying they were amazed by her beauty. However, on closer inspection they thought she did look slightly digital…

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    Molly Mae: Life as an Influencer Addict

    Forced into the over-saturated influencer market, I always find it interesting to see how the Love Island stars take to their new ‘celebrity’ status. I wonder what type of influencer they will become and whether it is fair to even call them influencers? Others have to endure years of content creation and follower build-up to get close to some small brand partnerships, whereas 6 weeks on Love Island and the popular high street brands are fighting for the contestants’ endorsement as soon as they are out of the villa. I didn’t follow Molly-Mae before Love Island but recognised her from a few fashion websites on which she had modelled. In…

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    Who wants to be a fashion influencer?

    According to a recent survey by Morning Consult the US, being an influencer is an appealing career to 86% of people between the age of 13 to 38. In this article, India Metson takes a closer look at what today’s hottest dream job really looks like…. Fashion Influencers Fashion influencers. Those people we don’t actually know but through Instagram we somehow pretty much know their life story. The daily pictures we are obsessed with that always manage to spark a little jealousy as we think, “Why is that not my life?”. But when you look to the future, how secure are these dream jobs? How many more influencers are going…