Fashion + The Red Carpet

Nowhere is there arguably more fashion glamour and decadence than on the Red Carpet. So much so, Red carpet fashion is its own league of seemingly unreachable style aspiration. ‘In Renaissance art, red carpets appeared frequently, usually intricately patterned in style, and were seen in paintings of deities, saints and royalty’ (BBC). Today, it’s synonymous with glamorous events attended by movie stars and celebrities- the modern day royalty. The clothes worn to award events such as the Oscars, Golden Globes and Met Gala, consistently receive intense worldwide media scrutiny, making red carpets an international product placement area of great importance to fashion designers. Red Carpet events have become a modern day spectacle and possess great influence on the fashion world. Thanks to social media, we look forward to watching Red Carpet events in real time, ready to scrutinise each and every outfit. Why are we so captivated by the Red Carpet? What constitutes a successful Red Carpet look? Is the Red Carpet an accurate representation of inclusive and diverse talent?