Fashion + Festivals

Ah warm summer nights, loud music, dancing in fields with your friends, excessive amounts of glitter, and a city of tents...must be festival season! Festival fashion throws the fashion rule book out the window, as we switch up everyday attire for flares, neons, harnesses, mesh, sparkle and anything that allows us to transform ourselves! Festival fashion is a playground for creativity and expression. The phenomenon of festival fashion is arguably symbolic of progressive youth culture, as festival goers are liberated to dress however they please and dance away any stress or worries of the ‘real world’. But this expressive fashion liberation is increasingly coming at an environmental cost. A report ‘found that single-use outfits for music festivals, such as Glastonbury and Coachella, alone, account for approximately $307 million worth of items per year, or about 7.5 million outfits worn only once’ (Teen Vogue). And what about all that glitter? Those shiny pieces of micro-plastic take years to biodegrade and are near impossible to ever fully clean up. We’re all looking forward to live events resuming post-pandemic, and when we return to relish in festival season’s once more, what might we do differently when it comes to accessing and wearing festival fashion?