• Shudu Gram the world's first digital supermodel
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    Shudu Gram, The World’s First Digital Model

    Sorry to the Hadid’s and Jenner’s of the world but the modeling world is quickly changing and it’s of the digital kind. Shudu Gram has been named the world’s first “Digital Supermodel.” Now, when you think of a Digital Supermodel, I’m sure, instantly, your mind wanders off to the movie “Smart House”… or maybe that’s just my head? Shudu is the creation of British fashion photographer, Cameron James-Wilson. He had inspirations of modeling Shudu after Lupita, Duckie Thot, and Nykhor, thus earning her the nickname “South African Princess.” A Digital Influencer Shudu is represented by the world’s first digital agency called “Diigitals” and has gained over 195,000 followers on Instagram…

  • my offline influencers
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    My Offline Influencers

    When I read that January’s topic in Mindless Magazine was Fashion + Influencers, it got me thinking about which influencers I follow. The final number was… zero. I literally googled who the fashion influencers are nowadays. The Top 10 Fashion Influencers of 2019 alien to me. They advertise luxurious items, fancy makeup and seem to have a perfect life. I realised that I follow zero famous fashion influencers – online. But do we have influencers in our offline world? Family & Friends I have three major communities that influence how I look at fashion. The first community is the one that is the closest to me: my family and friends.…

  • the clement twins
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    The Clement Twins: Nine year old Instagram Influencers

    Can you remember what it was like to be nine? If I recall correctly my days were filled with watching CBBC whilst trying to dodge doing my homework. What about you? Were you an influencer who was signed to several modelling agencies as well as collaborating with loads of major companies? Nope? Don’t worry me neither. I was too busy catching up with Tracy Beaker and learning my spellings. But whilst most of us can’t even say we are successful influencers as an adult, let alone at the age of 9, this is not the case for the Clements Twins, who have soared to stardom over the last couple of…

  • Hana Tajima
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    Hana Tajima: The Modest Influencer

    A designer and visual artist, Hana Tajima, uses her platform to create a unique voice in fashion. Choosing clothing based on how she wants to feel rather than how she wants to look, she’s a great influencer of choice for those wanting a paired down approach whilst still being creative. Her aim is to design items that are not trend-led, so that people can add their own spin and express their style.  Partnering with Uniqlo in 2015, Hana has since developed a collection that offers women comfortable, versatile clothing. Speaking to Fashionista, she originally called her collaboration “a small project” which was first released in Southeast Asia, then expanded across…

  • lil miquela
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    Full Name: Miquela Sous Age: 19 years old Location: Los-Angeles, United States Career: Brazilian-American model and musical artist Lil Miquela – Who is She? I remember first reading an article about Lil Miquela and thinking what a unique idea. I then visited her Instagram profile – not quite believing what I had just read. She looked so real. As a test, I messaged my contacts asking what they thought, not yet letting on that she was indeed a CGI creation. I was pleased it wasn’t just me when at least half replied saying they were amazed by her beauty. However, on closer inspection they thought she did look slightly digital…

  • charli howard
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    Charli Howard

    tilly martin, image, meta, headings, tags, alt Charli Howard is the body activist who stood up to the fashion industry and embraced her natural shape in order to celebrate diversity. She is a head-strong female who refused to starve herself for a minute longer after being told she was “never going to be small enough” to model. Although she had formerly been working for an agency for six years, the size six model was continuously urged to ‘tone up’ and lose weight. Unattainable ‘Beauty’ Charli stands up for everything I personally believe in. She in an individual who is eager to present fashion that is fit for all as well…

  • hanne gaby odiele
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    Hanne Gaby Odiele

    Hanne is a Belgian model and activist who fights for the voice of intersex people to be heard. Hanne was born intersex and has made it a mission to raise awareness and promote intersex rights. When Hanne was born, they were minus the ovaries or a uterus. On the opposite spectrum, Hanne’s body rejected testosterone. Intersex in its simplest form can be observed as a merge of female and male traits. This may be compared to overlapping characteristics between genders that do not fit the “norm” in a general understanding. Throughout research, intersex qualities can be recognised in just short of 2% of the population worldwide. Breaking the Mould From…

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    Chiara Ferragni: The World’s First Fashion Influencer

    Chiara Ferragni is one of the most well-known fashion influencers today with over 17 million followers on Instagram. The 32 year old Italian influencer began her career in the fashion industry writing her blog-turned-lifestyle website, ‘The Blonde Salad’ in 2009, while studying for a law degree at Bocconi University in Milan. Chiara’s blog became such a hit she never finished her degree. Instead she focused solely on her blogging career which was earning her a comfortable living. Two years after launching her blog, she was named “Blogger of the moment” by Teen Vogue. Soon after, Forbes named Chiara in its ‘30 under 30’ list of successful people. She has since…

  • Miroslava Duma
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    Miroslava Duma

    Miroslava Duma’s Future Tech Lab is Connecting Fashion and Technology For the Benefit of the Environment. The venture capital fund is linking promising sustainable technologies with an industry in dire need of an environmental makeover: fashion. Hailing from Surgut, Russia, Miroslava Duma is an active investor and philanthropist with a multi-faceted involvement in sustainable innovation. Dubbed “the most connected digital entrepreneur in fashion” by Vogue, her flagship enterprise project is as the founder and CEO of Future Tech Lab, a hybrid investment company, multinational accelerator, experimental laboratory and philanthropic organisation. Founded in 2015, its focus is on using science and technological innovation to transform the $3 trillion fashion industry by…

  • Leomie Anderson
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    Leomie Anderson

    “I want to represent more than just a pretty face and I want to show that I can speak up about issues.” Model, committed feminist and influencer, Leomie Anderson is a determined young girl who is always challenging the odds against her. She started very young in her career; scouted at 14, on her way home from school in London. A guy walked up to her and asked if she was a model. When she said no, he suggested that modeling would be a perfect career for her. Fast forward a few years and Leomie was booked on her first catwalk when she was just 17. Her modeling career took…