Fashion + Storytelling for Beginners

Are you looking for an online course in creative writing? Do you want to be a blogger, writer, influencer or sustainable fashion campaigner? Or maybe just want a new hobby in creative writing? Are you curious about conscious fashion and how you can make an impact? Do you want to know how to create a blog post in WordPress and write stories that drive organic traffic to your website?

If you answered YES to any of those questions then Mindless Mag’s Fashion + Storytelling for Beginners course is just for you!

About the course

Fashion + Storytelling for Beginners is Mindless Mag‘s 4 week online course teaching you how to combine the art of storytelling with the science of SEO.

The course delivers industry-level professional expertise in digital storytelling while focusing on the relationship between Fashion + Stuff That Matters. Together we explore the relationship between fashion and important social issues such as mental health, body image, veganism, sustainability, feminism and many more.

What makes our course special is our approach; we’re hands on. We coach you through the creative process step by step with weekly assignments, group webinars, a community forum and personalised feedback on your work.

Our team of expert Storytellers, drawn from fashion and creative backgrounds, each have over 10 years’ experience in their field. We harness a variety of theories and practices to support you in creating stories that are of the highest possible quality.

Upon completion of the course you will have created an online portfolio of work, with three of your articles being published on the Mindless Mag website.

Course Structure

Each week we’ll focus on a key element of digital storytelling:

Week 1 – WordPress basics

Week 1 you will be given a writing assignment to complete along with a group training webinar on WordPress basics. We will show you how to navigate the back end of WordPress to create, format and edit your article.

Week 2 – Storytelling techniques

Week 2 you will have another writing assignment to complete and be invited to attend a group training webinar on storytelling techniques. During this session we will teach you how to create ‘clickbait’ headlines and powerful introductions that keep your readers wanting more!

Week 3 – SEO tactics

During week 3 you will be issued your third and final writing assignment. Mindless will host a third group training webinar, this time focusing on SEO tactics. We’ll teach you tips and tricks for content creation that will boost your ranking in search engines and drive organic traffic to your article.

Week 4 – Editing

In your fourth week there will be a group training webinar on editing. During this session we will talk through ways to review and refine your work, ensuring the highest quality. This is an opportunity to ask any last questions and make final amends to your articles before they’re ready to publish on our website.

How it works

After booking your place and completing a pre-course survey, you will be given contributor access to the Mindless Mag website.

Weekly Writing Assignments

Each week you will be given a writing assignment on a particular Fashion + Stuff That Matters theme. This will be a question or prompt along with guidance on how to plan, structure and complete your article.

Group Webinars

Our group webinars will take place weekly to provide live training and an opportunity for Q&A. For those who cannot attend the live sessions, a download will be available.

Community Forum

Throughout your time with Mindless and beyond you will have access to our online community forum which is where you can collaborate with other members of the team, share ideas and ask for guidance.

Learning Outcomes & Benefits

Here’s a summary of what you’ll get from our Fashion + Storytelling for Beginners online course in creative writing.

  • Expert tutorials in how to use WordPress, storytelling techniques, SEO tactics and editing
  • 4 group training webinars (which can be downloaded for those who cannot attend the live session)
  • 4 weekly assignments with personalised coaching and feedback on your work
  • 3 high-quality articles published in your name on our website
  • Official contributor status at Mindless Mag
  • Subject matter expertise in Fashion + Stuff That Matters

Above all, this is a fantastic opportunity to join a growing global community committed to cultivating a conscious approach to fashion through the art of storytelling

Why Learn Digital Storytelling?

In a world of depleting attention spans and ever-complex Google algorithms, Digital Storytelling skills are becoming more and more of a necessity.

Digital storytelling combines the art of storytelling with the science of SEO. It allows us to create content that appeals to both humans and computers, making sure our stories are seen on screen.

Today, this skillset is one of the most sought after by employers and entrepreneurs. For brands, creative online narrative is now seen as the number one way to connect with consumers. For aspiring writers, bloggers and sustainable fashion advocates it’s the only way to connect with your audience.

How does digital storytelling cultivate a more conscious approach to fashion?

We will be covering this topic in much greater detail in Mindless Mag’s Complete Guide To Conscious Fashion (soon to be released). In short, you’ll be creating content that not only encourages you to challenge your own thoughts, habits and behaviours when it comes to fashion but inspires others to do the same.

When we write stories, we apply mindfulness techniques to really zoom into the details of what it is we’re writing about. Stories entice us into a state of introspection that opens our eyes and elevates our consciousness. We see more clearly. Our decisions are better informed. We make more conscious choices.

When it comes to fashion, a conscious approach aims to put an end to the mindlessness that is polluting our planet and our minds. It’s a philosophy that encompasses all efforts already being made towards positive change; sustainable, ethical, green, slow and circular to name but a few. It encourages individual accountability and collective action.

Course Dates, Fees + Registration

⁠Our next course runs from Saturday 1st February – Saturday 29th February and as it’s our first of 2020 we’re offering it at the SPECIAL PRICE of just

(£249) £99!

To book your place, please make your payment via the button below. We can’t wait for you to be part of the Mindless team!

Fashion + Storytelling for Beginners

To book your place on our March 2020 course, please submit your payment via Paypal here by Friday 21st February.


For Further Information

If you’d like further information about the course or want to ask us a question, please fill in your details below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!