FASHION + mental health

For our October conversation topic we have partnered with mental health charities No Panic and Chasing the Stigma to co-create a series of questions on Fashion + Mental Health. We invite you to be a part of the conversation and write a response to one of our questions below, to be published on our site.

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The fashion industry promised to tackle unhealthy body image and the use of ultra-thin models on the catwalk, and we’re now four years on from the french government insisting all models have a healthy BMI.

But how much has the industry really changed?


Fast fashion is becoming ultra fast. The S/S and A/W seasons have become weekly churn-outs and social media is creating pressure to be seen on screen wearing something only once. It is creating a careless throwaway culture, an insatiable appetite for newness.

What is this doing to consumers’ mental health?


There’s a lot of negativity – and rightly so – around fast fashion but if we pause for a minute and think about our own personal style we’ll remember that fashion can be an art: a method of self-expression and freedom.

With this in mind, how can we use fashion to have a positive effect on our mental health?