February 2019

Our conversation topic for February 2019 is The Fashion Economy.

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1. The Rise Of Conscious Fashion

In the mid- to late eighties, brands like Patagonia and ESPRIT began leading the movement and it wasn’t long before luxury labels like Stella McCartney and Vivienne Westwood brought conscious to couture. Today, our well-known high street brands and retailers are introducing mindfulness to the masses and conscious fashion brands are popping up all over the place.

Conscious Fashion has been whispering out a quiet revolution for years, but now we’re shouting about it. What changed?

2. Fashion & Frugality

Capsule wardrobes, Primark hauls and everything in between. How do our fashion buying habits echo the socio-economic climate we live in?

3. Fast Fashion – polluting our planet and our minds

Fast Fashion is making us want more, spend more and waste more. Accessibility through low costs and an abundance of styles has boosted our need for newness and we’re topping up our wardrobes at an expedient rate.

Fashion taps into our need for conformity and our desire for self-expression, but at what cost to our mental health?