Finders Keepers

Accessibility through low costs and an abundance of styles has boosted our need for newness and we’re topping up our wardrobes at an expedient rate. The built-in obsolescence of Fast Fashion and the speed at which trends are produced has created a careless “throw-away” culture. We’re buying 60% more than we did just 15 years ago and it’s making us greedier than ever. 

It’s making us want more, spend more and waste more; fast fashion is polluting our planet and our minds.

To remind us of the magic of secondhand clothing, items with stories to tell, Mindless Mag have launched Finders Keepers – a treasure hunt for second hand fashion.

This August, we’re encouraging you to declutter your closets and give the gift of pre-loved fashion to a treasure-seeking stranger.


We’re partnering up with charity shops and vintage boutiques across Liverpool to make it big in our home city, but no matter where you are in the world, you can get involved with Finders Keepers!

All you have to do is follow these simple steps:


Select an item of clothing you’d like to give away


Download and print a free FINDERS KEEPERS TAG and attach it to your item


Take a photo of the item and upload it to your social media using the hashtags #mindlessmag #finderskeepers


Hide your item on the crowded rails of a charity shop or vintage store – but please make sure you ask the store manager’s permission before you do!

Maybe you’ll want to tag the store where it’s hidden or map the location. Maybe you’ll want to give photographic clues to lead your seekers to the treasure.

You can make it as simple or as cryptic as you like – it’s new age fun with a vintage feel!

Happy Treasure Hunting!

Finders Keepers – For Stores

Finders Keepers is an online/offline campaign hosted by Mindless Mag encouraging shoppers to buy secondhand clothes.

Throughout August, vintage boutiques, second-hand stores and charity shops across the city will be taking part – and the local press are already very excited!

Anybody can take part in the campaign but for Liverpool stores, Mindless Mag will be providing a little extra support:


Select an item of clothing you’d like to give away


Mindless Mag will provide the Finders Keepers tags for you. All you need to do is confirm you’re taking part and let us know how many tags you will need by sending an email to


Take a photo of the item and upload it to your social media using the hashtags #mindlessmag #finderskeepers. This will encourage shoppers to come into your store and seek out the treasure.

Mindless Mag will like, share, re-post and retweet everything you tag us in so you’ll be getting double the hype online.


Hide your item in store and let the treasure hunt begin…

You hide treasures as little or as often as you like throughout the campaign month and will receive full support from Mindless Mag along the way.

You’re guaranteed to see an increase in footfall into your stores and a huge uplift in social media engagement. Plus you’re taking part in spreading an important message and supporting a local start-up business too.

We’d love you to get involved!