July 2019

Our conversation topic for July 2019 is Vintage Fashion. Please refer to our Content Guidelines before submitting your work.

1. Second-Hand Stigmas

Second-hand clothes are wardrobe treasures passed on from one person to the next and each unique item tells a story – yet they seem to get a mixed review amongst shoppers.

Does using the term ‘vintage’ free you from the stigma or does buying second-hand clothes make you feel like a second-class citizen?

2. High Street vs Hand-me-downs

Buying online or racing around a Fast Fashion store scanning the piles and piles of should-haves is nothing like wandering around a vintage shop scouring the rails for a must-have.

Describe the differences in your shopping experience between hotfooting down the High Street and hunting for Hand-me-downs.

3. Once Upon A Frock

There’s something magical about shopping for second hand clothes; it’s a treasure hunt for a hidden gem and when you find something, you cherish it forever.

Tell us about your favourite vintage buy and how you came to fall in love with it!