June 2019

Our conversation topic for June 2019 is Fashion & Social Media.

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1. Haul Or Nothing

When fashion and social media first met, it wasn’t long before their lovechild – The Fashion Haul, was born. Today, millions of people from around the world tune in to Youtube and other channels to watch their favourite hauler – often gloatingly – pop some tags and unbag their purchases.

Does YouTube’s haul culture have you reaching for your bank card or is it more likely to make you want to overhaul your shopping habits?

2. The Low Down on Slowing Down

Social media is playing a key role in elevating slow fashion brands, promoting ethical fashion and educating consumers but these ‘conscious’ brands can often be seen using the same social media and marketing approach as the big fast fashion retailers – uploading Instagram stories every hour and promoting their new-ins and must-haves.

Should conscious fashion brands be slowing down their socials?

3. Once Upon A Time

The ancient art of storytelling has been revived by social media and brand stories are being used as a way of getting closer to consumers in the same way that celebrities connect with their fans.

Brand stories are so much more than just selling products; they’re a lifestyle narrative of facts and feelings that inspire us and make us feel part of their world.

What are your favourite brand stories and how did they capture your heart?