March 2019

Our conversation topic for March 2019 is Conscious Fashion. Please refer to our Content Guidelines before submitting your work.

1. What Is Conscious Fashion?

We’ve all heard of ethical fashion, sustainable fashion, eco-fashion, organic, green, slow and circular fashion, and we’re now hearing more and more of the umbrella term conscious fashion, yet there’s no dictionary definition out there.

What does conscious fashion mean to you?

2. Vote With Your Wallet

According to sustainable clothing certifiers, Oeko-Tex, while 60% of millennials are interested in ethical clothing, only 37% say they have actually purchased them.

What is it that’s stopping us putting our money where our mouths are?

3. Green Or Greed?

Fast Fashion brands are bringing out conscious collections, putting recycling bins in stores and making an effort to be more transparent about where their products are made.

Are these genuine efforts to be more sustainable or are they just greenwashing?†