May 2019

Our conversation topic for May 2019 is Fashion & Mental Health.

Hosted by the Mental Health Foundation, Mental Health Awareness Week 2019 will take place from May 13th – 19th and this year the focus is on body image – how we think and feel about our bodies.

Please see our questions below and refer to our Content Guidelines before submitting your work.

1. Retail Therapy

Parting with our cash to indulge our shopping habits is considered an acceptable legal high but all too often we’re left with feelings of guilt, regret and disappointment – not to mention empty pockets.

When we consider the euphoric highs and ever-increasing lows associated with addiction, is intoxicating ourselves with fashion really as harmless as we think?

2. The Dark Side of Fashion

With its emphasis on constant re-invention and staying ahead of trends, fashion’s unique pressures leave its workers extremely vulnerable to mental health issues. Kate Spade, Alexander McQueen and Isabella Blow are just a few names that highlight the troubling number of burnouts and suicides.

Whether you’re a designer, a garment worker, a buyer, or maybe you’ve started your own brand – we want to hear how working in the fashion industry is impacting your mental health?

3. Mood à la Mode

Put on a blazer and some red lipstick and you can steamroll over any sort of conflict at the office, present like a BBC reporter, and assert like you’ve never asserted before.

How does what we wear affect our mood and can we create confidence through clothes?