Brand Coaching

As a conscious fashion brand you can often be so focused on purpose that you forget about profits. Time, money and resources are limited. You want to grow your business but you don’t always know how – and scaling up is scary. That’s why we created the Mindless Academy Power Hour and our Conscious Coaching series.

Our Power Hour service is a 60 minute coaching and consultation specially designed for you. We help you face into your business’s biggest challenges and find industry-specific solutions – fast. 

For brands looking to receive ongoing support, our Conscious Coaching series includes six sessions over a three month period at a reduced hourly rate.

Our specialist knowledge areas

Business strategydefine your goals and creating a clear plan to achieve them

Brand visionrefine your brand vision, mission and values

Product developmentstreamline your design and development to drive efficiencies that save time and money

Buying + Sourcingoptimise your sourcing process to get the right product, from the right source at the right price

Supplier Managementstrategically manage your supply base to create long term value

Sustainabilitymeasure, manage and promote your sustainable efforts to avoid greenwashing claims

Storytellingcreate compelling content that will drive organic traffic to your website and social media

How It Works

Following a free 15 minute consultation, you will be asked to complete a pre-coaching questionnaire. This will help us to identify your biggest challenges, opportunities and what it is you’d like to achieve.

Depending on what it is you need help with, you will be assigned to on of our specialist coaches; a global collective industry experts, each with over 10 years’ experience in our fields.

Using a unique combination of specialist knowledge and business coaching techniques, we’ll dive deep into the challenge with you; helping you to clear through the brain fog and reconnect with your vision. 

How to book your free consultation

To arrange your free 15 minute consultation with the Mindless team, please email us at