Our Founders


Laurie is an entrepreneurial spirit with a heart-centred approach to her hustle.

Her ambition to power business for good is backed by a career that spans over ten years at some of the world’s leading Fashion and Retail businesses; working for multi-category, omni-channel and pureplay e-tailers as well as managing and consulting to ethically-minded start-ups and SMEs.

In April 2018, following a series of serendipitous moments, Laurie decided to press the pause button on life.

She left her job and spent a few months volunteering at a monastery in the Balearic Isles before following her inner compass around South East Asia. It was a life-changing journey from corporate to conscious and one that began with her blog, All My Heroes Are Weirdos.

Today, Laurie is busy designing her destiny.

Alongside Mindless Mag and her blog, she’s founded Consciously Curated, a business transformation collective providing specialist consulting and coaching to conscious fashion brands. She’s working with industry game-changers from all over the world to curate robust business strategies, discover digital solutions and deliver sustainable growth to the triple bottom line.

And when she’s not hustling, she’s hosting writing workshops, giving talks on conscious fashion, penning out her first book and recording a soon-to-be-launched podcast series called The Heart-Centred Hustle – with lots of yoga and meditation in between.

Everything she does is about ‘doing good stuff to be a better me’.


Writer, editor and conscious fashion advocate, Eva believes in the power of storytelling to bring about positive change.

She’s forever been spellbound by the genius of language; from Virginia Woolf to the lyrics of Belle and Sebastian to bloggers and vloggers and tweets and memes, words are her everything.

Following completion of her Master’s degree in International Journalism, Eva discovered that she didn’t want to work in mainstream journalism with its questionable ethics, gatekeeping and PR-based favouritism.

Instead, she pursued a career in freelance marketing and communications, helping to build and deliver content and social media strategies for local and independent businesses.

Being one of the brains behind Mindless has led her to question the fashion industry and her own mindless buying habits. Putting her everyday consumerism under a metaphorical microscope has unearthed ethical dilemmas and kickstarted her conscience.

While her politics have always been anti-establishment, her buying impulses were not and she realised that to back up her beliefs and launch a mini-revolution, she would have to start with herself.