Our Philosophy

The fashion industry is one of the largest and most vibrant industries in the world, yet it’s polluting our planet and our minds.

Every step in the process is having a detrimental effect on the world around us; growing cotton, producing synthetic fibres, chemically treating fabrics, using harmful dyes or production processes that are heavily reliant on water.

We’re seeing the wholesale ruination of wildlife, water pollution and scarcity, carbon emissions, and the fact that our non-renewable sources are depleting at an unprecedented rate.

High time and cost pressures imposed on all parts of the supply chain lead to workers suffering poor working conditions with long hours and low pay. Modern slavery, child labour, and sexual violence are issues being dealt with on every continent.

Then there’s us, the consumers. Accessibility through low costs and an abundance of styles has boosted our need for newness and we’re topping up our wardrobes at an expedient rate. It’s making us want more, spend more and waste more. 

As technology began weaving its way into our lives, the world of fashion started to fall apart at the seams. The internet brought about a radical democratisation and unprecedented dissemination of information and, as a result, a surge in curiosity and awareness.

Consciousness crept its way onto the catwalk.

We’re no longer oblivious to what goes on behind the scenes and no more can we be fooled by the built-in obsolescence of Fast Fashion and the careless “throw-away” culture it’s created. We’re becoming more and more socially, environmentally, ethically and ecologically orientated and we’re voting with our wallets.

Conscious fashion is a philosophy that goes beyond attempting to highlight or correct a variety of perceived wrongs in the fashion industry.

It’s a philosophy that is just as simple as it is revolutionary and requires nothing more than applying critical awareness in everything we do.